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To begin, we would like to thank you for entrusting us with your healthcare. It has been an honor to participate in your care.  Your continuing wellness and health are a priority.

This is to inform you that due to medical complications from a recent cancer surgery Dr. James M. Osborn is now medically retired and unable to return to practice at this time.


In addition, Dr. Garrick Cason has moved to Orthopedics Associates, (805) 785-4344,

1827 Harrison Ave, Panama City, Florida 32405.


Comprehensive Spine Institute is no longer providing any clinical service.

It is important that you continue with appropriate medical care therefore, you should establish with another physician as soon as possible.


To access, view and/or download your medical records through the portal by going to:

Once you have gained portal access look for a tab that says “document list” once there you will be able to view/download/print progress notes, imaging reports, OP reports, etc.


Please download these records and take to a healthcare provider of your choosing.


Should you have questions/problems accessing the portal you can call 770-291-2000.

If you are in need of medical care prior to obtaining a new provider you can obtain acute, critical or emergency care at the nearest emergency facility.

James Malcom MD (Atlanta GA), 770.926.9122, Tim Yoon MD (Atlanta GA), 404.778.7000, and

Julian Price, MD (Athens, GA) 706-549-1663 are ACGME trained Spine Surgeons.

You may contact their office or another spine care provider of your choice. 


Your insurance carrier will have a list of in-network providers.


Dr. Garrick W. Cason and Dr. James M. Osborn

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